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In the corporate organization the term front office (literally "front office") indicates the set of structures of an organization that manage interaction with the customer. It is opposed to the back office which instead represents the business engine.

In business IT, the front office is the set of elements for external consultancy, owned by the company and / or implemented by it, which revolve around the customer, and through which the service company interacts with it, providing own complementary services and assistance relating to primary services, the object of one's own activity, specifically oriented to the efficient / effective offer of the latter.

For example, in a company, the marketing and sales divisions, customer relationship management, etc. are part of the front-office; in a public administration, it is the office for relations with the public and, more generally, the counter functions. A website cannot possibly be considered a form of front office, since the term refers to an organizational area and not to the IT tool that makes the services available. It would therefore be more accurate to refer to the front office website, for example the website of the public relations office. In short words

The front office of a company carries out various activities:

- customer reception: welcome with courtesy and kindness;

- listening to the same: here the management of interpersonal relationships comes into play;

- detection of needs: the front office must be able to understand, in the short time available, the real need of the client;

- help to achieve customer satisfaction: understood the actual needs, there is a need to direct the final buyer to the place where he can satisfy his need.

knowing how to communicate is essential. Very often we think we are always clear, while the vast majority of the time we are not. It is the job of the front office to always make sure that everything that is said is exactly perceived by the customer; in this way we have the capacity to be
efficient and demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively
the first meeting is fundamental this first contact can be understood as a phone call or a chat that engage on the one hand the customer carrying requests and, on the other, the front office operators who accept the request. The front office is the first impact a customer has with the organization; must welcome all the people who enter the company giving each of them the same value. We all know how important and vital a customer is for an organization, which is why the front office must know how to welcome any buyer who enters the company by paying adequate attention to it and always remembering that all customers are equally important.
In conclusion we can say that the front office and the back office represent the backbone of a company. The relationship between these 2 parts - sections of the office must be characterized by a two-way internal communication that makes the back office and front office truly complementary. With regard to this, it is also indispensable, within a company, to build a competent and motivated working group in contact with users, in addition to creating a direct internal and external communication system; this means ensuring a two-way interview able to allow maximum efficiency. The tasks, functions and quality of work of the front office operator are linked to the overall organization level of the various offices and services and to how much the entire company recognizes and facilitates the work of reception and response. If there is, and is supported, a circularity of information between back and front office, then the reception processes become the result of the work of the whole organization.
Therefore quality of first contact, telephone reception or chat, are functions closely linked on the one hand to the good functioning of a company, on the other to the value that a person gives to his role, and to the professionalism that a front office possesses
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